The world can be a cruel place. Not only did it force me a lifetime of misery growing up in the south slums of night city, it thought it would be funny if world war III would start and nuke my downtown. Not so funny for those chombattas in the highrises. Those corporations should have known better than to take out their best customers.

The world, like life, went on. People tried to pick up the pieces in the big cities of the west coast. I say it is a waste of time. They gonna go nuke it all again some day. Some people say that’s the way it is.

Me? I’m getting the hell out of here while the gettin’s still good. The great nomadic families in California, along with lots of former city dwellers here, set out east to the old frontier. Old trades like mineral mining are back in demand, and people will take work where they can get it. Truth be told, there is plenty of work to do around here, but regular folk can smell what’s in the air, and out east is a chance to start again.

To be free of war.

To be free of devastation.

To be free of hunger and tyranny.

To be free of the corporations.

Well truth be told all of these things are probably gonna follow us out here. I know the corporations are well on their way, and where there’s gold, you can bet you last euro there’ll be war, hunger and tyranny. But there is one thing that still binds all of us who battle the hardships and come out to the old west…

To be free.

The Cyber Cyber West

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